Consumer Trust Insights Council

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Several factors are responsible for the tight labor market for the food system, says Kevin Ryan, founder of Malachite Strategy and Research. In this video, he explores what that means for workers and employers.

David Hughes: Higher food prices affecting consumers around the world

Susan Schwallie: What does it mean to be at home?

Ujwal Arkalgud: What will food mean in the future?

Charlie Arnot: Changing social expectations affecting agriculture

Staying ahead of quickly evolving attitudes about food, how it’s produced and its impact on people, animal and the planet requires keen insight. 

CFI’s Consumer Trust Insights Council brings together the food industry’s biggest thought leaders, executives and social scientists to explore emerging consumer trends and use data analysis to inform strategic direction.

They explore emerging trends to develop deep understanding of consumer attitudes, behaviors, motivators and influencers and provide guidance on how to engage and respond.  By sharing real-time data and insights, the council serves the food system as a whole – not focusing on a particular brand or supply chain.

Meet the Council

  • Ujwal Arkalgud – MotivBase
  • Tracy Irani – University of Florida
  • Lauri Baker – University of Florida
  • Nick Fereday – RaboResearch
  • David Hughes – Imperial College London
  • Jayson Lusk – Purdue University
  • Carl Persson – PepsiCo
  • Kevin Ryan – Malachite Consulting
  • Susan Schwallie – NPD
  • Terry Fleck – CFI
  • Charlie Arnot – CFI

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To learn more about the Consumer Trust Insights Council, contact Terry Fleck.