Illuminate: Healthy Living

Everything happens for a reason. That’s the mantra of a growing segment of spiritual, connected consumers who seek a meaningful, responsible lifestyle that includes making a conscious effort to buy fresh, whole foods and ingredients to support their commitment to healthy living.

The findings come from the latest Illuminate™ Digital Cultural Insights research from The Center for Food integrity. The tool allows us to analyze millions of interactions online in real time to determine behaviors, fears, motivations and attitudes

A Profile

The segment, which represents just under 1 in 10 consumers (23.7 million) is expected to grow nearly 80 percent to 42.3 million consumers in the next one to two years. That means just over 1 in 5 consumers will fall into this category. They’re mostly singles or couples without children.

These consumers associate a higher meaning to the variety of experiences they have in their everyday life and that you have to take a stand and make a little noise to have an impact, especially when it comes to health and well-being.

They like to try out new health foods and health food restaurants and be first in their online tribes to post reviews and pictures on their social channels. Their choices are an expression of their values and a form of self-validation.

They also want to be the center of attention and live life to the fullest, which means being connected to friends, family, coworkers and the city around them.

What drives their decisions? Their ethical and moral compass, bringing about social change and being true to themselves in every aspect of their lives, from the products they buy to the causes they support, and the work and personal relationships they cultivate.

Illuminate research illustrates just how very diverse our consumer market is. Engaging consumers who are active in online discussions about fresh food and other health and wellness topics can shape the opinions of the “fresh foodie.” But how you engage is key. Knowing more about this segment can help you fine-tune your approach to align with their values and earn trust.

Want to learn more about Illuminate? I’d be happy to connect with you to discuss how this tool can help you reach your most important audiences with messages that matter.

Terry Fleck
CFI Executive Director