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Climate Smart Agriculture

Consumer Perceptions of Free-From Labels

You don’t need a decoder ring to figure out what is driving consumers’ attitudes and actions. At The Center for Food Integrity members have access to innovative digital ethnography research through Illuminate™ Digital Cultural Insights.

Illuminate insights takes us into the minds of consumers through a process of instant social science analysis. This analysis examines billions of online consumer interactions related to any trend, topic or product. It’s a new evolution in CFI consumer trust research.

How We Do It? Big Data + Social Science  

We’ve partnered with MotivBase, an artificial intelligence anthropologist team that does real-time observational ethnography on big data. This approach is different from other research out there in that MotivBase does a full contextual analysis of millions of U.S. consumer conversations – enabling a decoding of the meaning behind actual, unfiltered dialogue.  It’s about observing real digital conversations, not looking at replies to inquires, making it an insight platform like no other.

MotivBase is one of the world’s leading firms merging big data with social science theory to decode, quantify and accurately predict trends, issues and needs through a consumer-led lens.


How Can You Deploy Illuminate Insight?

Throughout the year, CFI members receive comprehensive Illuminate™ Digital Cultural Insights with results and exclusive members-only analysis that allows them to stay ahead of the curve on critical topics and engage the most influential consumers where they live online with information that earns trust.

Illuminate reports can help you turn information into actionable insight around important trends and topics. For example, you can:

  • Identify important demographics like age, gender, education and socioeconomic status so your marketing efforts can be precisely targeted
  • Understand dominant attitudes, motivations, values and fears that drive a topic so you can build a relevant and timely plan
  • Determine the maturity of a trend and its total market potential, instantly mapping how quickly the trend is moving – so you know when to pause and when to charge forward.

Illuminate also can identify the dominant brands, products and related news articles, compare statistics to national averages, examine how a trend has changed over time, compare multiple topics and trends and much more.

What Clues Are Out There Now?

Sugar. Clean Living. Animal Protein.  Consumer clues on these topics and more have been analyzed with actionable insights provided. Look at the list on the left of this page to see the entire topic list.

How Do You Get a Custom Report?

Would you like an Illuminate™ report tailored to the topics that matter the most to you? Connect with Mickie French, CFI Executive Director, to discuss the possibilities.