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The Center for Food Integrity offers unparalleled research examining consumer trust in the food system.

What Makes Food News & Information Credible?

When it comes to the credibility of food news and information, truth is relative, according to the first-of-its-kind research from CFI. The study used an innovative approach called digital ethnography to identify five consumer segments. It also assessed how each segment defines truth and which segments move food news and information through culture.

CFI’s  research serves as a warning for several groups that are held responsible for healthy and safe food, but not trusted to ensure it, highlighting a dangerous disconnect. Food companies and government agencies, in particular, have work to do, while others enjoy a high level of trust.

A Dangerous Disconnect

Examining more than 50 topics among important influencer groups, CFI’s research shows disturbing shifts in trust in food and agriculture, significant differences in where various consumer segments source food information and a growing interest in the relationship between diet and health.

Inside the Minds of Influencers

2016 Research Summary

A Clear View of Transparency

2015 Research Summary