Trust in Ag Tech Resources

Why do consumers accept some ag and food technologies, and reject others?

The Center for Food Integrity (CFI) conducted research among consumers and food companies to answer that question. The findings identify the drivers of acceptance – or rejection – in technology used to produce food, as well as audiences that are most accepting of technology.

Based on those findings, CFI developed these resources to help anyone become an advocate for ag and food technology.


  • Strategic Roadmap: Steps to build acceptance that are tailored for the diverse sectors that use and advocate for innovation – technology developers, farmersand growers, food retailers and foodservice, consumer packaged goods (CPGs), NGOs, influencers and researchers.
  • Communication Guide: Recommendations, messages and conversation starters to engage with consumers in a way that is likely to earn trust.
  • Webinar: Building Trust in Ag Tech: Charlie Arnot, of The Center for Food Integrity summarizes research findings and trust-building strategies to highlight the benefits and increase acceptance of ag tech. David Fikes, FMI – The Food Industry Association; Natalie DiNicola, Benson Hill; and Susan Watkins, soybean producer and USB Board of Directors, also share their perspectives.

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The research and material development was conducted through support from United Soybean Board.