Consumer Trust Research

To earn trust with consumers when it comes to food, it’s important to know what they’re thinking and how those opinions drive decisions on key issues. Get to know today’s consumer with CFI’s in-depth trust research.

Illuminate: Digital Cultural Insights  

Illuminate: Digital Cultural Insights is a first-of-its-kind research tool from The Center for Food Integrity that takes us into the minds of consumers by performing instant social science analysis on billions of online consumer interactions related to any trend, topic or product. It’s a new evolution in CFI consumer trust research.

A Dangerous Disconnect

While food companies, federal regulatory agencies and farmers are held responsible for ensuring the health and safety of food, not all are trusted to get the job done. The findings from CFI’s research illustrate a dangerous trust deficit that breeds increased public skepticism and highlights the need for increased consumer engagement by the food system.  

Digital Ethnography Research IDs Influencers and What Makes Food News Credible

Why do certain ideas – true or not – take root and thrive, while others wither on the vine? Learn more about  CFI’s digital ethnography research that details what makes food information credible, who’s moving it through culture and how to engage to earn trust.

 CFI Trust Model

Building trust isn’t just giving consumers more science, more research or more information. Our peer-reviewed and published trust model shows it’s about demonstrating that you share their values when it comes to topics they care about most, like safe food, quality nutrition, outstanding animal care and environmental stewardship.