Transparency Roadmap

CFI and FMI Partner to Promote Transparency Culture
oday’s consumers expect – and deserve – transparency when it comes to how their food is produced.

To promote a culture of transparency in the food system, the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and The Center for Food integrity (CFI) have released the Transparency Roadmap for Food Retailers: Strategies to Build Consumer Trust. This white paper offers research-based guidance for food retailers and their supplier partners to incorporate transparency into their operations, including by providing clear information about topics important to consumers like impact of food on health, treatment of animals raised for food and impact on the environment. 

The release of the Transparency Roadmap for Food Retailers: Strategies to Build Consumer Trust, with its outline of actionable steps and resources, helps retailers and suppliers usher in the first phase of a multi-year transparency journey. 

View the news release here.

CFI Transparency Training
Are you as transparent as you could be? Consider “A Clear View of Transparency,” a half-day interactive workshop where participants evaluate their organizations’ consumer outreach and come away with specific research-based strategies to incorporate transparency and earn trust. Bring your laptops and get ready to dig in! Learn more here. 

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