Optimizing Sustainability Workshop

Are you sustainable in a way that consumers expect?

Today’s consumer is more interested than ever in sustainability, but definitions vary widely. In fact, CFI has identified more than 250 attributes of sustainability and corporate social responsibility that go beyond simply being “green.”

Definitions can also include health and wellness, animal welfare, treatment of workers, food waste, packaging, impact on local and indigenous communities, and a range of additional issues that impact people, animals and the planet

As a result, a new and growing challenge is the focus on a single ingredient, process or practice without accounting for the potential impact on the entire food system. So how does the food system evaluate and communicate impacts and tradeoffs of individual decisions on the entire food system?

With CFI’s Optimizing Sustainability workshop, we’ll work with your team to assess your sustainability efforts. Using the CFI Optimizing Sustainability modules, we help you evaluate the growing list of sustainability priorities to determine the impact of potential decisions. It’s an opportunity to help your organization make better-informed decisions aligned with your values and those of your important audiences and stakeholders. This program is available both in-person and through virtual formats.

To learn more, contact Amy te Plate-Church.