Engage Media and Social Media

Engage Media

Be prepared and confident to engage with journalists by completing Engage Media Training.

We go beyond traditional media training and incorporate the power of shared values. Our peer-reviewed and published research shows that communicating with shared values is three-to-five times more important to building trust than simply providing information. Engage Media Training equips participants with the tools and practice to effectively use shared values to confidently respond to any question with messages that earn consumer trust.

Available in virtual and in-person formats, this interactive training begins with shared values communications as a foundation for media messaging, focusing on topics important to your industry, then best practices and messaging exercises. Then we put participants in front of the camera to put their new skills to work and provide in-depth critique.

This training is designed for smaller groups to provide more individualized instruction. We also offer one-on-one executive coaching.

Engage Social Media

Social media drives today’s conversations around food and agriculture. Learn how to be an effective voice for your industry and amplify your messages with Engage Social Media Training.

Tailored to your topics and various levels of expertise, this interactive training details the benefits of the most relevant social media channels and how to effectively engage with your audiences to earn trust by leveraging the power of shared values.

Whether through virtual or in-person sessions, Engage Social Media training equips participants with the tools to effectively use shared values to proactively advocate online and respond with confidence to online conversations trending topics.

To learn more, contact Donna Moenning.