Amy te Plate-Church

Amy te Plate-Church

For Amy te Plate-Church, animal agriculture is foundational to her upbringing, college experiences and a career spanning over 20 years (and counting!)

Amy strives to enrich farming and food production – specifically to help build trust, maintain freedom to operate and develop acceptance for new innovation. Amy joined The Center for Food Integrity in 2015, following a lengthy career in the dairy and livestock genetic industry. Today, Amy leads CFI projects related to sustainability, social responsibility and adoption of gene editing, in addition to speaking and Engage trainings.

Day-in and day-out, Amy works with agribusinesses and farm groups to create and carry out trust-building communication strategies. With a niche in animal agriculture, she is intrigued by the challenge brought by each organization with different and evolving needs. Amy is well-regarded as a speaker, writer, public relations pro, educator and facilitator. She is passionate about volunteering with causes she is passionate about, including ag advocacy, youth development and education.

Amy was raised on an Iowa dairy farm, where values of hard work, teamwork and integrity were deeply engrained. At Iowa State University, she earned degrees in Dairy Science and Ag Journalism.

Based in “America’s Dairyland,” Amy works from a home office in northeastern Wisconsin, where she resides with her husband and their teenage children.

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