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Speakers from The Center for Food Integrity are available for in-person and virtual events to present the latest on Trust Insights, research findings and training on how to engage with consumers. Learn more about our speakers and presentations.

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Presentation Topics Include:

  • Engage to Earn Trust in Food and Agriculture
  • Sustainability and Stewardship: Defining the Narrative
  • Animal Agriculture: Earning Trust in Modern Practices
  • Transparency is the currency of trust. How’s your portfolio?
  • Science Denial and the Future of Food
  • Earning Trust in Food and Ag Technology for a Sustainable Future
  • Animal welfare and ESG – balancing animals, activists and climate
  • Building trust in a polarized world; Moving beyond red and blue
  • Keys to Engaging Gen Z: Consumer, Farmer, Workforce
  • Gene Editing: Building Trust to Solve Global Challenges
  • Optimizing Sustainability: Evaluating Tradeoffs For Truly Sustainable Decisions