CFI Food Issues Webinar: Understanding the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

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The Center for Food Integrity’s consumer trust research shows consumers hold food companies more responsible for animal well-being than farmers. Additionally, consumers want greater transparency on policies, practices and performance related to food animals. Some have questioned, how do you define animal well-being? Understanding the history and science of the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare is one place to start.

Our one-hour webinar featured Dr. Janice Swanson, Chairperson of the Animal Science Department of Michigan State University and Professor of Animal Behavior and Welfare. Dr. Swanson is responsible for outreach and programming in the mission areas of research, extension, teaching and service to address issues of social responsibility in the food system related to the welfare of agricultural animals. During the webinar, she reviewed the history and context of the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare and explored how these expectations are being addressed in animal welfare policies and practices in today’s food system.