CFI Food Issues Webinar: Understanding Industry Programs to Ensure Animal Well-Being

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CFI’s consumer trust research shows consumers want greater transparency on policies, practices, performance and verification related to animal care practices for food animals. What programs are in place to provide this transparency? How are they implemented and verified?

Our one-hour webinar featured animal well-being experts who have provided technical counsel to three of the major programs that exist for beef, dairy and pork. Those individuals include:

  • Monique Pairis-Garcia, PhD, assistant professor, College of Food, Ag and Environmental Sciences, The Ohio State University
  • Karen A. Jordan, DVM, CVA, North Carolina veterinarian and dairy farmer
  • Daniel Kniffen, PhD, assistant professor, Animal Science Department, Pennsylvania State University

In addition to the overview provided by these experts, we explored what information on animal care is most meaningful to consumers, and where they want that information made available to them.