Coalition for Responsible Gene Editing in Agriculture To Begin Phase 2

As more agricultural and food companies and organizations explore the use of gene editing as a tool to expand a safe, healthy, affordable food supply while minimizing environmental impact and providing the highest animal well-being standards, a question comes to mind … Do we, as food system leaders, have consumers’ permission to utilize gene editing technologies? Members and partners formed the Coalition for Responsible Gene Editing in Agriculture last fall to engage with consumers and stakeholders as together we earn their permission and trust around gene editing.

The Coalition’s Leadership Team has been working since last fall to:
• Define gene editing as it applies to the Coalition,
• Develop trustworthy principles and guidelines for responsible use of gene editing technologies,
• Develop a consumer engagement (Phase 2) work plan.

Consumer engagement (Phase 2) will include:
• Identifying the most impactful influencers and true motivations toward gene editing beliefs,
• Creating content that is consistent, creative and compelling,
• Listening to and engaging with consumers, online influencers and media,
• Empowering organizations that influence social license, to support and advocate.

The Coalition’s Leadership and CFI staff are currently working to secure additional Coalition Leaders and Participants to initiate Phase 2 in July 2017. Over the years, CFI has found that the most successful coalitions are those with a robust and diverse group of Leaders and Participants. To learn more about how your organization may be an active Leader or Participant in the Coalition, contact Jana McGuire.