This event occurred July 14.

Session 1 | CDT Forget “Normal” – Focus on “What’s Next?”

11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Hanging onto hopes that things will “get back to normal” will prevent you from capturing opportunities in this new reality. Learn what the latest research shows about shifts in consumer behavior and how other companies are evolving for long-term success.

Susan Schwallie is executive director of food and beverage consumption for the NPD Group, a leading market research company that offers data, industry expertise and prescriptive analytics to help grow your business in a changing world.
Kevin Ryan, founder of Malachite Strategy and Research, has nearly 20 years of experience leading innovation and strategy at General Mills and Amazon, and has advanced degrees in food science and food anthropology.


Session 2 | The Road to Recovery: Consumers Call the Shots

12 to 1 p.m.

While politicians, pundits, economists and business leaders debate approaches to achieving recovery, there is only one pathway that leads to growth – the one determined by consumers.

John Dick is founder and CEO of CivicScience, which provides strategic insight services to decision-makers at the world’s largest brands, media companies and investment firms, while giving consumers a trusted, convenient way to effect change.
Ujwal Arkalgud is an award-winning cultural anthropologist, author and entrepreneur and co-founder of MotivBase – an ethnography research company that performs big data ethnography research on demand.


Session 3 | From Disruption to Decisions: How Ag Should Move Forward

1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Supply chain disruption, a global pandemic and recession, climate change and increased demand for a sustainable food system are sending shock waves across global agriculture. Two highly regarded international experts detail the latest developments, provide insight into what’s next and guidance on and how the system should evolve to withstand future challenges.

Jayson Lusk, Distinguished Professor, leads the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University. With a BS in food technology and a PhD in agricultural economics, Lusk is a food and agricultural economist who studies what we eat and why we eat it. Since 2000, Lusk has published more than 200 journal articles in peer reviewed journals, including several of the most cited papers in the profession.
John Newton, PhD, is chief economist for the American Farm Bureau Federation. An agricultural and applied economist, Newton specializes in policy analysis and commodity markets and speaks around the globe on issues related to U.S. policy, risk management, international commodity markets and market outlook. Newton serves as an advisor to the USDA on issues related to agricultural trade and agricultural statistics.



CFI’s Consumer Trust Insights Council

Susan Schwallie, Ujwal Arkalgud, Jayson Lusk and Kevin Ryan are founding members of CFI’s Consumer Trust Insights Council. Launched in 2019, the council brings together top food industry thought leaders, executives and social scientists to explore emerging consumer trends and use data analysis to inform strategic direction.