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Class is in Session at CFI 

There’s an excitement in the air this time of year as kids of all ages head back to school, eager to meet friends old and new and tackle a new semester of learning. Class is always session at The Center for Food integrity.

Year round, we provide a suite of innovative, tailored and research-based trainings to equip members of your organization with the skills – and confidence – to navigate the most important challenges facing the food system today.

Engage Since 2009, we’ve taken our interactive Engage training around the globe to help food and agriculture organizations more effectively communicate with consumers and customers to earn trust using the power of shared values. Our peer-reviewed and published research shows that connecting through values is three-to-five times more powerful in building trust than simply sharing facts. This hands-on workshop equips your team to effectively and confidently interact with others about the food and ag issues that matter to them.

Engage Media and Social Media Whether it’s small-group or one-on-one executive coaching, our Engage Media training prepares participants with the skills and tailored messaging to confidently engage with journalists. The training includes plenty of on-camera practice and feedback. Social media drives today’s conversations around food and agriculture. Learn how to be an effective voice for your industry and amplify your messages with Engage Social Media training.

Engage: Earn Trust in Technology  Those who grow, raise and produce our food are under increasing pressure to produce it more sustainably to meet ambitious global goals. While food producers and farmers rely on technology to do so, innovation – existing and in the pipeline – must be embraced by the public, and ultimately the marketplace, to continue. Make sure your organization is prepared to earn trust in the technology that will propel the food industry forward with Engage: Earn Trust in Technology.  

Engage: Gene Editing Gene editing offers tremendous potential to solve challenges in food production. Are you ready to engage in the conversation? This training provides comprehensive, research-based insights to help those researching, developing, using and communicating about this promising technology engage in informed dialogue on gene editing in food production.

Transparency. Transparency is no longer optional. The public demands – and deserves – a transparent food system. Our transparency workshop provides teams with a research-based framework and hands-on experiences to evaluate and enhance their organization’s public-facing outreach to ensure it’s meeting the needs of important stakeholders.

Optimizing Sustainability Today’s consumer is more interested than ever before in sustainability, but definitions vary widely. In fact, CFI has identified more than 250 attributes of sustainability and corporate social responsibility that go beyond simply being “green.” So how does the food system evaluate and communicate impacts and tradeoffs of individual decisions on the entire food system? With CFI’s Optimizing Sustainability workshop, we’ll help your organization make better-informed decisions that align with your values and those of your important audiences and stakeholders.

All CFI trainings are highly customizable. We can tailor them to your specific needs and audiences, and to busy schedules – including incorporating them into existing meetings and conferences.

In the end, it’s about empowering your team to be your best ambassadors, so consumers, customers and other key stakeholders are confident that the food system is doing what’s right.

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