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The Truth Behind Trust-Busting Food Myths

By Ujwal Arkalgud, MotivBase co-founder, author and member of CFI Consumer Trust Insights Council   

We see it play out every day online and in conversations. Regardless of the topic, myths are continually perpetuated. The food landscape is particularly susceptible to myths that propel certain ideas and perceptions – and erode trust in products, people and brands

The Center for Food Integrity’s trust-earning approaches are particularly critical to transparent and strategic communication that can help the food system get out in front of misinformation bubbling up to the surface.

As co-founder of MotivBase, a company that performs big data digital ethnography research, I’m proud to partner with CFI to bring its members and the broader food system insights into the minds of consumers – what’s driving them and their behaviors, and misinformation.

What we’ve learned at MotivBase is that as myths develop there’s room to engage and reshape culture, but once myths become “established facts,” brands and companies can’t do a lot about them.

I invite you to read my latest blog “Myth To Truth: How Trends Really Develop” to understand why and how myths develop – intelligence that can help us authentically connect with consumers to address their fears and concerns – and earn their trust.

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