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What Are Consumers’ Go-To Sources for Food Info?

We access information in so many ways today – podcasts, blogs, websites, YouTube, news media sites, TV, family, friends. But where do consumers go for information about food issues?

You might be surprised.

CFI research shows that, when asked to rank a list of 16 possible sources, search engines like Google and Bing took the top spot at 17 percent.

That’s followed by local TV at 15 percent. Specific websites “that I use regularly for information on food-related issues” and family (not online) tied for third at 13 percent.

Early adopters, those influencers who research and share information and drive food culture, are significantly more likely to use search engines and websites as their main sources.

So, what does this mean for your outreach strategy?

The best bet is to focus your resources online and know where your key audiences are seeking information. And plan to engage for the long term with credible, transparent, values-based information that’s proven to earn trust.

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