What We Do

In three distinct ways, we empower those in the food system to meaningfully engage with their most important audiences on issues that matter.

  1. We are a leading voice in a balanced public discussion about food and agriculture, serving also as a resource for media and online influencers.
  2. We provide strategic direction and training to improve alignment between food system practices and consumer expectations.
  3. We convene, empower and support our members in developing best practices that earn consumer trust.

Because we’re not about supporting a certain outcome, we’re able to bring together a diversity of food system leaders and consumers to engage on issues of trust, transparency and sustainability.

First in Consumer Trust
CFI was the first to introduce a research-based consumer trust model. We know that consumers want more than science, research and data. To earn their trust, they want to know that those involved in food production share their values when it comes to topics they care about most, like safe food, quality nutrition, outstanding animal care and environmental stewardship. CFI continues to provide leadership in building trust with new insight on trust-building transparency. CFI has gone beyond exploring the concept of transparency to developing a specific index that can be used to measure and improve trust-building transparency in any organization.