What programs does CFI offer?

CFI offers opportunities for collaboration, education, strategy development and events – all of which stem from our peer-reviewed and published consumer trust model and annual consumer research focused on transparency and trust. Programs include:

The Transparency Project defines consumer expectations, including the policies and practices most important to transparency, translating this insight into The Transparency Index, which enables food system stakeholders to assess their level of transparency and identify strengths and weaknesses.

CFI Consumer Trust Research Since 2007, CFI has conducted annual consumer trust research to track trends and attitudes, providing insights and guidance on how to best engage today’s consumers.

Coalition for Responsible Gene Editing in Agriculture Gene editing promises tremendous benefits to society and agriculture. The Coalition for Responsible Gene Editing in Agriculture recognizes a shared goal of building trust in gene editing that provides consumers safe, nutritious and affordable food produced in sustainable systems.

Optimizing Sustainability The Optimizing Sustainability framework gives food system stakeholders tools and processes to evaluate the growing list of sustainability priorities to determine the impact of potential decisions.

BestFoodFacts Powered by nearly 200 credentialed, third-party, university-based experts, Best Food Facts provides credible, balanced answers to consumers’ questions about food.

Engage Capture the power of shared values in this one-day seminar that equips you with the tools to effectively engage with consumers and the media in person and online.

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