Farida Mohamedshah

Farida Mohamedshah


National Confectioners Association

Farida Mohamedshah is the Senior Vice President of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at the National Confectioners Association where she oversees scientific and regulatory matters relevant to the confectionery industry. Farida leads the development of advocacy positions on food and nutrition policy, including food safety, food labeling, prop 65, allergens, and helps NCA members to be compliant with current and proposed regulations.  She oversees the association’s relationships with regulators and provides the association and its member companies with timely information on nutrition, food safety, and other regulations that impact the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of confectionery.

Before joining NCA, Farida was the Director of Food, Health & Nutrition at the Institute of Food Technologists, serving as IFT’s principal scientific and technical resource on food and nutrition policy issues.