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Processed Food Trends: Nick Fereday, Executive Director, Food & Consumer Trends at Rabobank and a member of The Center for Food Integrity Consumer Trust Insights Council, joins 3Squares Live! to talk processed food trends. What do consumers want and is the food industry doing enough? And in “What the food?!” Kevin stumps Charlie and Susan with his processed food quiz. The discovery of which food processing technique involves WWII, airplanes and a Mr. Goodbar? Tune in to find out!

3Squares Live! features Charlie Arnot, CEO of The Center for Food Integrity and president of Look East, Susan Schwallie, president, Food & Beverage Practice at the NPD Group, and Kevin Ryan, founder and CEO of Malachite Strategy and Research, a CPG, retail and foodservice-focused insights and innovation agency. All three are members of CFI’s Consumer Trust Insights Council.

By design, 3Squares is like pulling up a chair to a candid conversation with three friends. With 70-plus years of combined experience in food, Charlie, Susan and Kevin tackle complex topics, interview interesting guests shaping the food industry, answer your questions, provide unique takes on the latest trends – and have fun doing it.

Tune in to learn – and laugh!

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  • Feb. 24

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Episode 14: Tapping the Beverage Market

Enjoy this refreshing episode of 3Squares where we explore the latest trends in the beverage industry. Betsy Frost joins us from Hoplark with great insights on the unique challenges of launching a beverage startup. Also in this episode, why is there sodium in our tap water? What The Food?? The reason may surprise you.

Episode 13: Milking It

The 3Squares milk this episode for all it’s worth! Mike McCloskey, founder of the Fairlife brand, shares the journey about creating a high value, premium product in a commodity category. And at the end of the show? Learn about Al Capone’s interest in dairy. It’s an offer you can’t refuse!

Episode 12: Get Grilling

The 3 Squares spend some time around the grill with Adrian Miller. Adrian is a food writer, 2022 James Beard Award winner and certified barbeque judge who has literally written the book on soul food. We’ll talk about his latest “Black Smoke: African Americans and The United States of Barbeque” and get a look into what’s trending in barbeque globally and here in The States. And in “What the Food?” Kevin shares some surprising stories about the history of grilling.

Episode 11: Sweet Trends

This is one SWEET episode! The 3Squares talk with Anton Vincent, president of Mars Wrigley North America, about the latest trends in confections, pets and diversity. Another must listen edition!